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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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Wrap Musings

A well respected, Belgian rock-magazine recently ran an article on "The Sickest Drug Stories Of All Time". Here's one for ya:
"During a Janis Joplin concert in the Royal Albert Hall in 1969, Janis' guitar player, Sam Andrews, suddenly turned a rather unhealthy shade of blue after he'd used heroine backstage. In an attempt to reanimate him, well known Zappa-groupie Suzy Creamcheeze started to give him a blow job. And a miracle took place: Andrews came to."
That's all kids. Off to bed now!

What did he come to?
Please Dad....just one more story before bed!
GoD - now stationed in snowy Vail for five days...

*A well respected, Belgian rock-magazine recently ran an article…*
A "well respected, Belgian rock-magazine"? Then it must be true!
Ya gotta hand it to those well respected Belgians, boy. No tabloid shit for them, no sir. Only the finest in journalistic expertise...
I guess I should clear this matter up, before the group erupts into a major debate on it.
While it is very true that Sam "Pindick" Andrews did collapse from heroin injestion, it is a little known fact that he was wearing his Shakey's Pizza "Got Milk?" T-shirt (the infamous "Got Milk" ad campaign had it's humble beginning with an agreement with the Pizza franchise). Our beloved, and very myopic, Ms Creamcheese merely mistook Sam for a "Milk? Shake" and was sucking rabidly on the straw. The whole thing got blown out of proportion after that…
Oh, and that last sentence is actually a well respected, Belgian typo. It should read "Andrews came, too".
Yours in literary correctness,


There has been a lot of debate in the group over the past week…
At times, tempers flaired, words were exchanged, a growing hostility was felt... But at this time of year, we all need to pause & reflect. We need to embrace each others differences - love, honor, and respect one another no matter which side we may be on. Let's all stop and remember the true meaning of this glorious day…
I personally want to wish each and every member of TBN a safe, joyous, and blessed Super Bowl Sunday. And if you're in the neighborhood, stop on by for some chili and barbequed ribs!

Sure you invite us all now, at the last minute when we may already have plans. Why couldn't you have made the offer a week ago and we could have all planned to show up. And at 1/2 time instead of watching those Boy Bands play we could watch 200 Motels or some other great entertainment.

Thanks for the invite, at least in spirit, SOFA! I never watch football, but I must admit that I do enjoy both chili and barbecued ribs. I suppose FedEx-ing them is out of the question?
Regarding the debate over the last week, I for one have felt no hostility, either towards anyone, or from anyone. But, that may of course be due to myself simply being an insensitive asshole.
However, regarding words I may have exchanged, I have decided that I prefer my original words, and would like to exchange them back. I would appreciate it if everyone I have exchanged those words with would pack them up (in their original container) at their next convenient opportunity and send them back. No need to put them in alphabetical order or anything, as I just toss them in a box and grab whatever's handy when I need one.
PS I like to think of us at TBN as "genteel, with an edge."


Fatigued? Try lying horizontally on a mattress with the lights off. Many people find this is helpful in promoting sleep.
With Love and Advice to All,

Damned if she hasn't done it again! Mary, you're a treasure... Here I thought I was doomed to an insomniac's existence, with sleep coming in fitful bursts or not at all. I tried Mary's method once - that's one time, mind you - and bam! Out like a light. And I stayed asleep for over 37 hours. I might have died there, had my dog not needed to go out. Good thing; I needed to go too!

Frank Zappa

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