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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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The Making Of Unto Us A Site Is Born

Hey kids,
I'm in the process of changing over to DSL, so e-mails to and from me will be affected for the next couple of days... I'll do my best to stay in contact.
TBN Page Editors: there are still some areas of the page that need submissions. Please verify your responsibilities with YellowMud. We are still on for the April 1 launch, so please don't dally.

Out of the loop is right. I'm an editor, and I don't know where the page is!
Haven't seen it. Damn.

You are very right, your Grandness, a situation I will rectify immediately. I was hoping for an "organized" sneak preview once construction was complete/almost complete. This was not intended as a covert move; I simply wanted TBNers to have something to look at.
But it appears that my communications are going to be curtailed for a while (I can receive e-mail, but can't seem to send any), so a change in strategy is in order...
(Bring the Web down behind me, boys)
ANNOUNCING THE TBN WEBSITE! (trumpet fanfare here). Paste this in your browser:
Click on everything - just to see what we're doing, and how you can get involved. According to YellowMud, we need submissions in Musibrarium, Cheeze and Poofter's... I know we need more than that.
Our Art page still needs a contribution in the original works/non-electronic category (called Velvet Elvis). It would be our humble honor to feature your magnificent painting of FZ, TGW. I also know that YM has whipped out an original sketch or two...
The Cheese page needs some original writings for the Jottings section. Chunga mentioned his chili passages (which were great) and a submission or two from GoD would be appreciated.
Poofter's Froth needs submissions for the "Handy Tips". But don't hurt yourselves. Poodle has promised to check the old archives for some we got lying around...
Of course any of the categories can stand submissions, but these are the ones most lacking. So, by all means, check out what we're doing. Surf it. I know you'll be surprised...
Finally, Galloot Update has a section for "our favorite" non-FZ links. Every one of us has an address we enjoy (or employ) for some reason or other; the sumbitch should be full!

Where (and when) should I send the collected Handy Tips and other Historical Poot?

To either YellowMud or myself... For YM's ease, I have been sending copy to him in both MSWord and Mac Word...

I hereby give you official license to add my portrait of FZ. As for YellowMud's sketches, as editor it is my obligation to review them first - THEN you can put them on the site. (Hell, just put them up, I'll see them there.)
Several Years ago I wrote a paper on censorship...a lot of mention of FZ vs. the Mothers of Prevention. Want to post it as a page, and add a link to it?
Cool. A link to my strictly commercial site?? Button or text?? Buttons readily available at: (Modify as you see fit).
Or a text link: Paper Dragon Studios - The Art of Dennis P. McCann (should go to

Your link is up TGW. And thanks for your kind permission to use your painting for the site!
Your article on censorship sounds just right for Cheeze... can you send me a mcw (Mac word) file?
Also, if any of you have favo FZ-links that are not yet up on the "Favo Links" section, please post them here so I can add them.

Um, no. I can't convert it to mcw. Right now it's a MS Word doc...can someone convert it? (Notice a theme?)
Please add my Frank Zappa Discussion Forum to the links page.

I can convert the article to mcw... But my outgoing mail isn't happening yet. You can send it to me and I can convert it. I assume I'll be back to normal by tomorrow or Friday.

I can save any kind of word processing docs as Word 4.0, 5.0, or 5.1 for the Macintosh. Let me help!
Uncle Herman

Anything sent to Uncle Herman will make it to me (if needed). I know where his cave is... Due to my status, that may be the best suggestion yet; let him help!
PS I guess I could do a haircut tonight, Hermie, but I'm out of beer...

One bottle of Chimay Grand Reserve, coming up!
Uncle Herman

How about just copy/pasting it into an e-mail? Then the recipient with the Mac can copy/paste from the e-mail and then edit.

Sounds good. I'll send it as soon as I find it. It's in here somewhere....

My question: do you guys, contributors, want your e-mails included in the blurb? Think of the possibilities... think of the responsibilities...

Sure you could use my email address but use my home one and not work. -

Hi YM,
Would the e-mails be included as a means for visitors to make submissions? I notice the statement at the bottom, "For information on how to submit to the Big Note, visit our Yahoo! homepage." However, were I an actual visitor, and not a member of TBN, I would still be at a loss as to how to "submit to THE BIG NOTE" when I got there. Whether it is individual e-mail addresses or some further instructions, I think something is needed to make it easier, or even possible, for visitors to make submissions (assuming that is the goal here).

The e-mails would be provided for submission purposes; they would also occur on the editor's pages (e.g. Sharleena gets her e-mail mentioned at Graphic Effect).
The "For information on how to submit etc" - link is there for visitors who wish to become member of TBN - at least that's my assumption, SOFA wrote the text.
I agree that the wording is not very clear though... it would probably be more accurate to have something like: "for information on how to become member of TBN etc". What do you think?

How about: "If you are interested in becoming a member of THE BIG NOTE visit our Yahoo! homepage and click on "Join This Group" and proceed as instructed. You will the be contacted eventually with further details on how to become a member."
Too wordy? Well, anyway, you get the idea. Regarding e-mail addresses for submissions, is there some way submissions could be made directly to some sort of department-specific message boards somewhere within the site? I'm just speculating here. Or should I say I'm practicing speculism?

It's definitely a notpossibleism due to needmoneytodothatism accumulated with a serious case of notwillingtospendanyism...

You have my complete understandism.

I'll send it back to you in exchange for my solipsism.

Someone just signed the Barry Guestbook with this remark (to FZ): "Good to see his idiosyncratic idealisms are still ism's!"
Does anyone have a clue here?

I think an idiosyncrasy is when a person holds a view, or does an activity that others think is strange. It might also be defined as a person's rare or unique trait. We all have our little idiosyncrasies, like some people iron used money before spending it.
Idealism... An "-ism" is a belief. Like communism, or Catholicism. Perhaps he's saying that he is happy to see the ideals of FZ (Intelligence, humor, breaking "rules", pushing boundaries, etc.) continuing in Barry's forum.
Although I don't have a college degree in English, (SOFA does), you can believe it was a compliment.
Uncle Herman

From Webster's: "ism: A distinctive doctrine, ideal system, or practice; - usually disparaging." Of course, what this particular person meant is dependent on how *they* perceive the meaning of the word. Many people use words in ways meaning something other than their actual dictionary definitions. Take, for example, words like "conservatism" or "religion." According to the dictionary, part of conservatism is being "opposed to changed," but few conservatives would agree to that. I have had many born-again Christian types tell me they are not "religious," but rather have a "personal relationship with God." Of course the dictionary clearly defines religion as a belief in God. The short answer is: Yes, I have a clue, but I still don't have a real answer.

Hi kids, SOFA here. is now operational; it's not finished, but the transfer has taken effect. So if you type into your browser, you get our webpage.
I'd like to congratulate the editors on a job well done, and the group on one fine looking web site. I encourage everyone to visit the site, check out all the pages, and think of a way that you can contribute (we are still in desperate need of member's musical contributions. I know I'm not the only TBNer in a band.) But most of all, enjoy the entertaining little morsel we've created!
It will take another week or so to iron out all of the kinks (that Ray Davies is a curly fucker); if you see a mistake, please let the editor, YellowMud, or me know.
Okay, now for everyone in the fourth world (where things are really tough):
They're pretty good web pages; they're pretty good web pages;
they're pretty good web pages...

Hey! I'm buying some champagne in my way home so:
(With a tear of emotion in one cheek - one face cheek, what were you thinking..!:-)

Frank Zappa

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