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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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The Hungry Freaks Cookbook Part Three

Brown Moses' Solemn n' Prestigimus Chilled Desert

This Desert replaced, after 35 years, my Mother's Lemon Chiffon Cheesecake as my all time favorite desert - but, don't tell my Mom...

  1. 1 reg. size package of Oreo Cookies
  2. 1 cup butter
  3. 1 cup powdered sugar
  4. 16 oz Cool Whip
  5. 8 oz cream cheese
  6. 11/2 cup milk
  7. 1 lg. package of instant vanilla pudding (I prefer Jello brand)

Crush the whole Oreos in a food processor (a rolling pin and large plastic bag will suffice), reserve 1/2 cup of this mixture for the topping. Note: the chill times stipulated are important - I don't know why. Don't shortcut this sucker, or you love it all up...
Melt the butter. Press the Oreo mixture into an ungreased, 9 X 13, Pyrex pan (metal will work, just not as well as glass). Drizzle the melted butter over the Oreo mixture. Chill time: refrigerate 45 minutes, to an hour.
As that chills, mix the cream cheese, 8 oz (about half) Cool Whip, and powdered sugar. When the Oreo base has finished its chill time, spread this mixture evenly upon it. Chill time: refrigerate 30-45 minutes.
When that chill time is complete, mix the milk and pudding mix; spread this mixture over the chilled mix. Chill time: refrigerate 45 minutes, to an hour.
When that chill time is complete, spread the remaining Cool Whip on top of the mixture, and sprinkle with the remaining Oreo crumbs. Chill Time: refrigerate one hour.

This stuff is the bomb! Serve with a small snifter of Chambord, if you're feeling decadent, or after a steaming bowl of chili on Super Bowl Sunday. Serve this puppy chilled!

Level Tacoma Japanese Gyoza

This traditional Japanese dish can be served as the entrČe, or as a side dish (reduce amounts accordingly; this recipe will make approx. 100 Gyoza. Admittedly a pig, I usually knock off 25 - 30 of these little morsels when served as the main course).

  1. 1 lb. unseasoned pork sausage
  2. 1 lb. hamburger/ground beef
  3. 1 bundle of "garlic" chives - minced
  4. 3 TBS minced garlic (or 2 bulbs fresh garlic, or 2 tsp garlic powder - not salt)
  5. 1 hearty pinch of powdered ginger
  6. 1 tsp sesame oil
  7. 1 medium yellow onion - minced
  8. 2 10oz packages Gyoza/pot sticker wrappers

Mix well all ingredients (except the wrappers, silly) in a large bowl. Allow the mixture to stand for 30 minutes to an hour before preparing the Gyoza.

This is where it gets a little tricky... Lay a wrapper down in one hand; with the other hand, dip finger in water, and moisten the upper edge of the circular wrapper (do not make this circular motion too vigorous as it will screw everything up). Place a thumb-sized, blob of the mixture on the lower, unmoistened half of the circle. Fold the top half over the mixture, "pleating" the top edge as you "seal" the edges together. When done correctly, the "bottom" of the half circle should be flat, while the upper, pleated side bulges from the mixture.
Spray an 8" skillet (I prefer cast iron, but any will do) with Pam - for the flouro-conscious, wiping the pan with a light coating of oil will work. Place pan over medium heat, and let it warm up. Place the Gyoza, flat bottom side down in the pan in columns (3 columns of 6-8 in an 8" pan), with the Gyoza in the columns lightly touching each other. Let the bottoms fry for 30-45 seconds, then add a few oz of water (substitute red wine, if you wish) and cover the pan to steam the Gyoza.
Cook covered for 5-7 minutes, then scrape the Gyoza out with a stout spatula (the bottoms should be very dark brown and the tops should be almost transluscent. Repeat this procedure until all Gyoza have been cooked. As the cooking time allows for the preceding batches to cool, it is best to serve them up by the pan full - when they're hot.

Place a column of Gyoza on a plate. If you haven't mastered chopsticks, use your fingers. Dip each Gyoza in a mixture (half and half, or to taste) of soy sauce and vinegar, and consume. Serve Gyoza with boiled rice, and a steamed, fresh veggie - asparagus makes a great compliment to this dish.
You'll notice that nowhere does this recipe call for salt; the soy sauce provides all the salt flavor required.

Frank Zappa

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