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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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The Great Debate

Excellent photo! It takes the moment... I couldn't open the Zappicons. Could they be just for PC and not for a Mac?

I experienced the same. The ico thing is probably reserved for Gates worshippers...
Glad to hear I'm not the only one on Mac in here!

Nope. At least two of you have Macs. The rest of us have computers.

In an interview published in Guitar Player, FZ mentions the use of a Mac in the creation of Synclavier compositions... Dare I rest my case?

Was his cranberry-cream or sunny plum?

Food for thought; still, I'm sure cream was involved in some way or another...

I'll only tell you a thing: if Zappa would be alive, he'd be a Mac addict!!!

You go girl!!! Like all REAL musicians, I depend on my Mac as well!
Uncle Herman

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! he-he...
(And so the group proceeds to take on a grim mac vs. pc tone...)
What year? And, was it an iMac?
The iMac is the 90ies transvestite hardware. Fortunately it appeared on the market AFTER FZ passed away. I think FZ would've freaked out looking at the iMac, because of its obvious marketing poot. Still: mac was used at UMRK for Synclavier stuff... perhaps a 6100 or probably a 9500 PPC...

True, but it would have been more fortunate if the damn thing never appeared.
I have nothing against Macs. They're great for graphics. I just prefer a PC.
If Microsoft made cars, and you hit a tree, a light would come on saying, "Would you like to deploy airbags?" When you said yes, it would ask, "Are you sure?"
If Apple made cars, they would run great.... but only on 5% of the roads.

Actually, I'd say he'd probably be using a SUPER COMPUTER that NO-ONE HAS HEARD ABOUT YET.
Mr. Pugh

Personally, I don't think Frank would have given a damn one way or the other as to which type of computer he used, so long as it got the job done. I have heard that Steve Vai is a Mac fan. And though it will probably be meaningless to almost everyone here, so is author/musician Spider Robinson. In a rare break with personal tradition, I have gone with the majority in this case and use a PC.

I hate to burst anyone's bubble here, but (pop) FZ would not be a "Mac" man if he were alive.
He would not be a "PC" man either
That's because the one thing Frank hated more than anything (even more than Reagan, Swaggart, & Ponty) was "group" mentality. Which is what this thread - and the posters - have been exhibiting.
(BTW, uncle herman isn't going to take the Mac slams lying down)
FZ would be a fan of what works for what applications. He'd probably also like whoever provided him with one gratis for "market testing" purposes.

FZ would be a fan of what works for what applications.
In which case he would love Mac...

(BTW, uncle herman isn't going to take the Mac slams lying down)
Sure I will SOFA. I pick my battles carefully, and respect each computer user's choice. I stare at a PC at work all day, and have learned to deal with it. But I choose a mac for the artsy fartsy stuff I do at home. Besides, as a SOFA you know there's no better way to take it than lying down! Vene Vici Veggie! (I came, I saw, I vegged out on the sofa)
Uncle Herman

Isn't that supposed to be Vini, vidi, veggie?
SOFA Augustus
OK, I admit it: The extent of my Latin education came from the captions of Road-Runner Cartoons. That's why I had to fall back on a more porcine type of Latin. Uncle-aye Erman-Hay (Centurion, Ret.)

I believe in moderation in all things, including moderation. So far the mood of the mac vs. pc "conflict" has been kept light, and that's the way I like it. I am loath to engage in any kind of message or topic censorship, especially in a Zappa group. On the other hand, SOFA has unwritten license to whine, complain, threaten, upbraid, and generally be cantankerous (unwritten rule # 2), so I have absolutely no objection to the posting of his views either. Hey, I'm easy!
I find *any* computer to be acceptable if it is capable of posting messages to this group. I wouldn't even give anybody a hard time for having Web TV.
There oughta be a special award for this. SOFA and I are in complete agreement on this!

Well, I have yet to win the coveted "Leaping Poodle" (hint, hint)

Good point, SOFA, but I don't think that award is really appropriate in this case, as it is usually given for things that promote Zappa knowledge. What you really and truly deserve the award for is the largely thankless labor of love that goes into the excellent quiz questions we take for granted every we... SOFA, for excellence in promoting greater knowledge about the music and person of Frank Zappa, I hereby present you with the coveted JUMPING POODLE AWARD!

Gosh, I... I don't know what to say. (sniff) You LIKE me, You REALLY, REALLY LIKE ME... (Or not, as the case may be).

the mac vs. pc "conflict"
And...exactly how would anyone get worked up over something like this? Debates over how good Flo and Eddie were is more what I joined this group for.
For example: IT'S MY BALONEY ON THE RACK! (rantantan etc)
Mr. Pugh

Now we're talkin'!
Though your example is over my head, Mr. Pugh (I don't get it; is this a lyric reference?), I will go as far as to say that Flo & Eddie were/are brilliant. The humor that they brought to the MOI does little for me, but their vocal prowess cannot be denied. Those guys used their voices like instruments. With FZ as fond of vocal groups as he was, I am not surprised that he hooked up with them.

SOFA, I'm heartbroken.
It's from the "Sealed Tuna Sandwich" part of 200 Motels. Last night in the pub, my friend who only flirted briefly with FZ's music a couple of years ago surprised me by saying how Fillmore East was one of his favourite FZ albums, yet he thought Mark and Howard were very annoying guys. I think it was more a case of "time and place" as far as the on-the-road, sexual humour goes when they were part of the MOI, but I strongly suggest that those of you who don't have the 200 Motels soundtrack should invest in it because you are missing out.
It features examples of how this pair of clowns can sing sensitively and almost melancholically (a word? it is now!), yet suddenly change into rough-sounding rock singers...they complement a violin or a distortion guitar perfectly when they need to. The two live albums that they appear on, with their fast-paced, raw humour, are possibly deceptive of the true reason why Frank employed the singers.
Mr. "sorry for babbling" Pugh

Aw, don't feel bad, Mr. Pugh.
I'm just really lousy when it comes to nailing stuff like that down. I spent 3 days listening to excellent renditions of FZ's work at the "Zappening'' festival, but could I name the tunes that were played? Less than 50% of the time.
I am so ashamed...
You are spot on, sir. As I stated, Howie & Mark are brilliant. I consider myself a vocalist; as such, I pay attention to the singers more than any other facet of the ensemble. Their abilities are paramount in the Zappa oeuvre (love you, Ben Watson), and have no peer - with the possible exception of a dream duo consisting of Nappy Brock & Dr. Willis.

I love the 200 Motels album! I wore out my original vinyl copy (didn't have so many FZ albums back then) and had to buy a French import version to replace it, which got me by until the belated CD release. However, "IT'S MY BALONEY ON THE RACK!" doesn't sound right to me.
Doesn't it go like this? "This town...this a sealed tuna said baloney on the goes for forty cents a's just a rancid little snack..." Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm quoting from memory.

I thought it was "It's My Baloney on the Rack" for 3 years, but suddenly your suggestion makes a world of sense. And I thought I knew every FZ lyric there was...
Mr. Pugh

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