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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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TBN's Favorite Films

Hello Everybody,
Jack Bivouac here. I thought I would share this little tidbit…
When TBN was still in its infancy (meaning it weren't near as fancy as it is now), poodle thought that canvassing the membership on their favorite films was another good way to get to know one another. He comes up with good ideas every once in a while; that's why he's paid the big bucks!
Anyway, here is the list that was generated.
Jack Bivouac

Greetings, fellow fen!
I would like to ask our members what their favorite films are. Not only does this help us get better aquainted as members, it also serves to illustrate any possible cultural patterns that may exist among those relatively rare persons who are serious fans of the music & philosophies of Frank Zappa.
TBN's Favorite Films List - alphabetized and edited for public consumption (# indicates times mentioned):

-Annie Hall (2)
-Being John Malkovich
-Being There
-Brewster McCloud
-City of lost children
-The Color Purple
-The Cook, the Thief, His Wife...etc.
-Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
-Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
-Dr. Otto & the Riddle of the Gloom Beam (OOP classic w/ Jim Varney (RIP); rent it if you can find it!)
-Dr. Strangelove
-Double Indemnity
-Dumb & Dumber
-Ed Wood
-Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (2)
-The Fight Club
-The Godfather
-Good Fellas
-The Graduate
-Harold and Maude
-Henry, Portrait of A Serial Killer
-The Maltese Falcon
-The Matrix
-Monty Python's Holy Grail (2)
-Naked (very much recommended)
-Nosferatu (the black and white mute version from the 20ies)
-Pee Wee's Big Adventure
-The Princess Bride
-The Professional
-Rear Window
-The Rutles
-Schizopolis (check this one out if you can find it at the video store...GREAT movie)
-(This is) Spinal Tap
-Stardust Memories
-Stop Making Sense
-200 Motels
-Talk Radio
-Taxi Driver
-There's Something About Mary
-Touch of Evil
-Treasure of the Sierra Madre
-What's Eating Gilbert Grape
-Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
-Young Frankenstein

A few of the extra comments received with these: "My movie tastes change with my moods." " My favorite movies tend to lean toward the dumb. Anything by Mel Brooks, or starring Peter Sellers, is okay in my book." "Just about anything Scorcese's ever done...anything. What can I say, I'm a guy."
And this final PS:
"PS. I've noticed some Woody Allen favorites. Did Allen and Zappa ever meet? Is there any record of this?"

I believe FZ enrolled in a class taught by Allen at NYU: Photography 201 - The Real Art of Photographing Your Naked Children, but Frank demurred when Moon said "Barf me out; gross; totally!"
I think he backed out when he realized that the principal models would be Sun Yi & Moon and he feared repercussions from the Unification Church.
I still got it...

Frank Zappa

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