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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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Please Hear My Plea...

Anybody know the date of FZ's appearance on the Steve Allen show? I just found an audio recording of that, and will be uploading it to my MYPLAY site. It was pretty funny stuff.
Bald-Headed John (KotP)

March 14, 1963 (date the show was filmed; airdates varied depending on market).

There was also a second appearance with Steve Allen in '67 or '68. Here's the information I found:
"Steve Allen Show, appearance #2.
From: Jane.
There was a 67 or 68 appearance with THE MOTHERS on the STEVE ALLEN SHOW. They played two songs - America Drinks and Goes Home and Hungry Freaks Daddy - and Mr. Allen interviewed Zappa.
From: John.
Allen had a syndicated afternoon talk show circa 1967-69. The Mothers of Invention performed on that show - I remember they sang "America Drinks & Goes Home", and another piece that I don't recall. When they were done with the first piece, Allen invited Frank to come and sit in one of the "guest chat" chairs, where they discussed politics and "the youth movement." Steve asked Frank what he thought "today's young people" wanted and Frank replied, "I'll tell you what they NEED - they need representation in government."
Another guest on that show was old Ed Begley Sr., who seemed fascinated by Frank, and peppered him with questions of his own. Later in the show, after a commercial break, Frank wasn't in his chair and Steve said something like "We'll resume our chat after Frank Zappa returns," at which Frank came strolling in from off camera with a cup of coffee. As he sat down, he made an unheard remark to Ed Begley Sr., which made the old guy chuckle.
I remember that Allen series well because he had all kinds of rock bands of that time, good and bad, on the show. I've not seen one second of it rebroadcast at any time since those years. Tapes may not even exist anymore.
From: Robert.
I have a very fond memory of watching Steve Allen's mid-sixties show, which I assume was syndicated since I got it on a UHF channel from Charlotte, NC. One of the best I saw was when the Mothers appeared.
I remember that they played "Hungry Freaks, Daddy" and, I think, "America Drinks..." Steve announced the first song with quite a bit of surprise and good-natured humor in his voice. I don't remember enough to state who was actually on stage; I assume it was the 67-68 original Mothers line up. Absolutely Free must have been the most recent LP at that time.
Anyway, having owned Freak Out at the time, I was already familiar with HFD and it made quite an impression when they appeared. FZ sat down at talked for a minute; unfortunately time has eroded my
Is this anywhere on tape???


Why does the Sleep Dirt CD have the obnoxious vocals?

I believe the tunes that appear on Sleep Dirt were scored with those vocals intact. They were removed for the LP's release. I've not listened to the Edison vinyl of "Lather", but I'd bet that the vocals are there. There was probably some kind of legal entanglement regarding WB and Harris? Good question.
Any other ideas?

I don't. But, I'd like to imagine I'm speaking for all of us when I comment on how terribly annoying it is when something like that occurs. I know "Bolero" was taken off the Ryko CD of BBYNHIYL due to copyright reasons, or objections from the Ravel "camp", but it's painful to think what some people are missing out on. And I'm not going to even START on WOIIFTM's various guises.
Maybe people don't like change from what they're used to, because I love the vocals. That's the version I originally got acquainted with. It makes more sense to me, since the songs were originally meant to be part of a story (i.e. Hunchentoot). The vocals strengthen the melody, and bring it out, in a more blatant way (perhaps this is why people more familiar with the instrumental versions think of it as "obnoxious": the original subtlety of the tune is lost somewhat). Anyway, I want to defend the decision to have Thana Harris on the CD reissue.
Mr. Pugh

Yes, the use of vocals can strongly affect the perception of the melody. I noticed this when listening to the instrumental version of Brown Shoes Don't Make It. Personally, I welcome anything that opens a new dimension in my Zappa listening. However, I think in cases like this, I would like to have BOTH version available. More stuff I have to get that I still can't afford. Sigh...

Have you noticed how bi-polar Poodle is? He likes both versions of Sleep Dirt; he likes the AB theory regarding Ahmet's namesake...
Me? I'm buy-sexual. If I want sex, I have to buy it.


I have recently been the victim of a hideous crime. As I sat innocently enjoying an evening of paying women to take their clothes off, my entire CD collection was lifted from my car (not only lifted but completely removed). The sad part is, whatever jack ass stole my shit, will doubtless end up throwing it all away, as there is almost nothing in there that any pawn shop will accept. Not only that, the cretin in question will probably not be familiar with 80% of the discs - lots of imports, out of prints, autographed covers, autographed discs... But mostly, all of my Zappa save for the Best Band You Never Heard, which was in my house at the time.
So here is my plea... If any of you lovely people have extra copies of any Zappa albums on disc, or would be willing (for those who have the technology) to burn me copies (I know this would be contrary to Frank's wishes, but I think in the case of larceny, he might make an exception), I would be eternally grateful. Any and all contributions may be forwarded to me.

I hear your plea! You have my heartfelt sympathies on your loss. Just the thought of losing my Zappa collection is very distressing to me. Only abject poverty has kept me from owning a CD player for my truck, and thus has kept my discs in the relative safety of my home. Alas, I do not have a CD burner to help you to restock.
However, I do have one small, and probably useless, suggestion to make. Assuming trash day has not yet arrived in the area where you took your entertainment, you might try checking the local dumpsters for anything that may have been discarded hastily following the theft. Zappa thieves are nearly as rare as science-fiction thieves are. With a little luck these imperceptive dullards may have ducked into a nearby alley to discard whatever they thought was "worthless." Also, it wouldn't hurt to check those pawn shops regardless. Perhaps they would only think the CD's "nearly" worthless, and thus offer them for sale cheaply.

Dude! I am so sorry...
I have been the target of car thieves, but luckily have never lost any FZ. I do not have the technology for burning. But I do have every FZ release. They are at your disposal. If you (or a friend) have burn capabilities, I would be happy to mail you any FZ you request for a master. I wish I could do more, but that's about it...
I suppose you could mail me a shitload of blank disks; I do have a buddy that owns a burner. But the amount of reefer I would have to supply him to do this favor might be cost prohibitive. Let me know if I can do anything for you...

I have a burner, no reefer required.

I can't really help you out, being here in Germany and all but I can empathize, although the scale of my loss was about 1% of what you're dealing with. After living my whole life in New York and never locking my car doors, and never having anything come up missing, I moved here to the German countryside - where the doors stay locked against what I always thought must be phantoms.
Well, six months after arriving, some Arschloch broke into my crappy VW Golf, and took everything that wasn't bolted down. The stereo, my fucking ice-scraper, and a CD case with 12 CDs, 6 or 7 of which were FZ discs. Insurance paid for the stereo, but I've had to replace the CDs over the 5 years I've been here (an expensive process for me). And the really sad part is, like you, I know damn well that the FZ discs ended up in a dumpster somewhere. I doubt Lumpy Gravy appeals to the tastes of the average teenage scumbag. I hope the bastard(s), yours and mine, choke on something disgusting...

I own a burner, and am currently in the process of burning all of my Zappa CDs - so I can have extras to take in my car, and leave the precious originals safely at home. I would be happy to make extras to send your way (I'm laid off of my job so I have more than enough time). I'll make up a list of what I have and send it along to you.
BTW, did you lose all of your liner notes?

All the liner notes, all the disks, everything... Thanks so much for the outpouring of support for a fellow fen. As far as lists - as the old saying goes, beggars can't be choosers. I will take whatever anyone feels like sending... If you send me your address, I will gladly send blank CD's...
Thanks again; all I have is Joe's Garage and Best Band You Never Heard, so I need everything else... ESPECIALLY Roxy and Elsewhere. I'm having withdrawals!!!

Frank Zappa

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