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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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This thread was prompted by an email discussion between YellowMud Shark, and the former webmaster at ZappaDotCom. At the behest of Magic Fingers (whose mail appears immediately below), it is archived for your enjoyment.

It occurred to me that maybe one day we should use this mail (below) as an example to the world of how we communicate whilst "projecting"! Heh heh (btw, I adored this mail when it came through back in January, but there was no way I could just wouldn't have done your replies justice).

From January 2, 2005:

The good thing, judging from Keith's response, is that GZ has - as of yet - not discovered either KUR or TBN.

I wouldn't be too sure of that. Maybe Gail doesn't surf the Net looking at FZ fan sites for possible "infringements", but I wouldn't say that she's never heard of us. Then again, I maybe give her too much credit. Still, I bet she has heard of us. All it takes is a Google search and how hard is that?

Regardless, my question is, how seriously should we take this situation? Could we end up being shut down, merely because we offer up bootlegs - for free? One thing's for certain, I'm actually losing money on both sites annually! Not that this matters to me at all, since they are a labour of love, but I mean: if she shuts us down, she might as well go after Charles Ulrich, who is credited on FZ:OZ for providing a bootleg recording of Kaiser Rolls (if my memory serves me right!)...
Your thoughts?

There is no doubt that Gail can get ugly when crossed. There's also the fact that we are not the only ones out there "paying tribute", so to speak. And I think she probably has a lot of other stuff to worry about more significant than us.
Personally, I wouldn't give it more than a moment's reflection, and then continue on as we have. If the shit actually "hits the fan", we might have to cease the Friday Boots, and BHJ's vault. But nothing else that we do at either site is enough of an infringement of her copyrights or trademarks to make it worthwhile "shutting us down". If we were pressing and selling those boots, we would have cause to worry - but we're not. There's a law of diminishing returns at work here; it would not be worth the expense to "come after us"...
The torrent sites that are making so much of FZ's work available to the masses have much more to fear than we. And the best ones are quite strict about keeping released material off - which is their cover. I just don't see Gail taking the time and spending the money to come after us...

Here's my initial suggestions to Keith:
"There is a manifest lack of communication from ZFT toward the fans..."

In this statement lies the rub. If Gail is so "busy" that she can't be bothered to keep up with the folks that pay her, do you think she has the time and resources to keep up with all the folks that don't? I think not...
My 2 cents.


(Later in the week)

So where does our discussion earlier in the week leave us?

Feeling a bit empty and longing for more?
(not giving a rat's ass about Gail, or what she might think.)

Now you're just being enigmatic and a veritable master of ambiguity. Are you feeling empty and longing for more? Am I? Do you think I am? How do you know? Do you have spies? Longing for more what? Is he? Are they? Can we? Questions questions. And question marks.
(ok, also not giving a rat's ass about Gail, or what she might think, but preferring an easy life).
PS I think maybe it's time to go to bed. I shall be better tomorrow!! Lol!

Now you're just being enigmatic and a veritable master of ambiguity.
Enigmatic? Of course... Ambiguous? Never! I have always been right-handed!
Are you feeling empty and longing for more?
You asked, I answered. Was I? Well, yes - if candor is allowed.
Am I?
Are you? Hmmm, I hadn't gotten that far really, but I guess you would have the right.
Do you think I am?
Do I think you are? No - not in the least. You gots a new 'thang' goin' and I bet you are blissfully preoccupied.
How do you know?
How do I know? I been there.
Do you have spies?
Do I have spies? In Surrey? Beyond you? Uh, no.
Longing for more what?
Longing for more what? Discussion. At least, I was...
Is he?
Is he? I'm not sure... She is - I think.
Are they?
Are they? I don't think so; they don't look it.
Can we?
Can we? Hell fuckin yeah. pal.
Questions questions.
Answers, obviously.
And question marks.
And ellipses... I just love ellipses...
You may choose to prefer an easy life, old chum, while I simply live it...
(See that? Aren't ellipses wonderful?)
PS. Baked to perfection...

Frank Zappa

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