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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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Second Bowel Movement

Howdy Friends, Jack Bivouac - once again invading your space. The Lumpy Gravy movements keep getting' better and better - more substantial, more solid. And I certainly can attest to how much the average Joe enjoys a good, solid movement.
My boy, SOFA, no longer strays from the time tested, LG formula. He's learned his lesson. Now to keep him from butting in on a smooth movement!
A flick of the ol' Imperial to effzee for puttin' that boy in his place… His honker was outa joint for a day or so, but he got over it.
Please enjoy the Second Movement from the Bowels of The Big Note.
Jack Bivouac.

Greetings all: Poodle sent me 4 new member applications (seems we be gettin' populah) and I have sent out the Lumpy Gravies. The included LG is from Dennis, who requests pogen as his Zappnick. Dennis/pogen is from Italy. His response came in less than 24 hrs after dispatch. His comments:

"Hallo, Sofa.
Here we go. Depthptph (sorry... have my hankie... there...) of Zappa appreciation could be acronymed (-nymmed? acronymized? acronymified?) as follows - ZRINK: Zappa Ranks In No Klassification."

(Note the helpful mangling of English, and the scarily accurate Sylvester the Cat impression - with Mel Blanc worthy rejoinder)
"Statement of favorite FZ recording: Civilization Phase III, notably "Waffenspiel". Reasons of this feeling: Molly Bloom's "Yes" is there. And vice versa."
(Note the ease with which he makes no sense, yet still retains that semblance of intelligence - I like him already)
"Zappnick: Dennis Flonn (or pogen... not sure if I'd mess up something at the TBN e-group)."
(Note the genuine concern over the possible use of another member's Zappnick; very impressive)

Well fellow fen, pogen's 48 hours in France begins now. Please e-mail if you have any dissent on this LG, or applicant.
As you were,

Damn near as good as a semblance of intelligence. The Grand Wazoo says yes, especially if pogen is in Florence. We need a Florentine Pogen.

Does Humor Belong In The Big Note? It would have been refreshing to read his offering without the constant editorial comment from the peanut gallery, but from what I could make of it, hey, this guy's got that thing which belongs in a place like this more than any other thing, if only for his own protection: A Sense Of Humor.
Ciao, Venici, you got my vote.

*It would have been refreshing to read his offering without the constant editorial comment*
Excuse the love outa me!

Disrespectful, nonsensical, semi-coherent, brash. Why, after I copied that I had to wash that poot off my poor mouse's one good ball. And I said to myself, this is the life. Let him in.
Benvenuto, uomo.


Hello All,
This may not be the best time to do this, what with the confusing "change-over" to Yahoo, but we have received another Lumpy Gravy to consider. The 48hr clock starts at 12:01AM EST 1/27/02. Here it is:

An entrance questionnaire to a Zappa board. What is this world coming to? Keep the riff-raff out? Is that what you're doing? Your questions seem fair enough though. As long as no "flakes" come to knock at my door and try to sell me stuff. OK, Lumpy Gravy time. Here goes- Sorry if it reads like the "Gettysburgh Address" but, you axed for it…
First of all, I belong to the latter group. Zappa has been a way of life since my fifth-grade music teacher gave me a dose of "Yellow Snow" as a project for a music/lyric analysis class. 1975. No shit, I was 11 years old. (My music teacher's claim to fame was he used to play in a band called "Frog Hollow Day Camp". He had a FZ encounter and gave Frank a T-shirt from his band that he's wearing on the inside sleeve to Hot Rats) From that point on, I have been drawn to the music of Frank Zappa. It didn't take long for me to start passing over the fluffy songs to find the seemingly frivolous yet deceptively intricate passages that (for me) defined the meaning of musical expression.
My favorite FZ recording? I'd have to answer that in two parts- "PN" (-for Pre-Napster) or "PN" (-for Post Napster) No... That won't work. How about "AN" (After-Napster). Also- this is only valid if you pretend to be forcing me at gunpoint to pick only one song from each category. You also want to know why. Remember, you axed: PN: Son of Mr. Green Genes, Hot Rats - 1970 (It is the best music ever recorded because) Because for 8 minutes and 29 seconds I can pretend to play every single note with my left hand while holding the steering wheel with my right hand and watch the expressions of every single person I pass as I play it full-volume on the interstate. A very motivating song that doesn't end when you expect it to. AN: The Torture Never Stops, Berlin Deutschlandhalle, 2.15.78 (It is the best music ever recorded because) This one may just be a fad. It is solely due to the guitar solo. Frank must've liked it too, because he "snipped" it from the show and released just the solo bits on Sheik Yerbouti. Very intense.
A zappa nickname? Potato-Headed Bobby. Just call me Bob. Easy to write, easy to pronounce. So. Do I win anything?
Very erudite responses to the favorite recordings question, no?

But tell him it's not to keep the riff-raff out. If it was, no one would be here.

Good Gravy! (That's what my dad always used to say.)


I have received another Lumpy Gravy from the last mailing that we must consider. The 48hr clock starts at 12:01 PM EST 1/27/01. Here is the response from Patrick McCarthy, aka Mr. Pew:

I am a Ziawol person. I have an irresistible urge to spill out my appreciation, seeing as the philistines that surround me have no apparent interest of an equal nature (Zijaghs at best).
THE BIG FZ ALBUM has to be One Size Fits All, because it contains THE BIG FZ SONG, Inca Roads. Why? Funky intro, sound effects, unusual tune, crazy needle-sharp cued ("why don't you sharpen it then" bit) freak-outs, tasty solo, fast keyboards, fast singing with an opera singer. Need I ask for more? "At the moment" favorites include The Perfect Stranger and Ship Arriving Too Late because I've only bought them in the last week. I also like much Roxy band stuff like RDNZL, and Billy The Mountain is STILL in my top 5 songs. That ok?
My Zappnick may be: Mr. Pew.
Thank you.


Did I hear you say you want some more? We have the final Lumpy Gravy to consider. This one comes from Gabriella, aka gabby, whom some of you are already familiar with via the Zappa-List. The group has 48 hrs to reply with any dissent. Gabby's response is:

Definitely, as Ziawol. The problem with me - as a Zappa-fan - is my terrible memory. So if you ask me for data, I always have to consult my sacred books. None is in my head (take this literally =-)
state what your favorite FZ recording is
This the worst one! I have to choose only one? The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life. Its title explains everything. It's the only way I can listen to Ravel's Bolero. Stairway to heaven version is better than Zeppelin's one.
chose an appropriate zappnick for yourself
MARY (the girl in the bus). Is this one available?

I did respond to gabby stating that Mary had been taken. I gave her 6 possibilities to choose from, and invited her to select another zappnick.

I'd like to be the first to welcome our newest member, Gabriella - aka Sharleena, but I can't because she's not one yet... Poodle!

Has it been 48 hours already? I plead a distorted time sense! ;-)
'Tis done. She's in!

I plead a distorted time sense!
I'm afraid that excuse holds little commercial potential; the time sense is distorted!
PS Thank you, oh great one...

This is Sharleena from Buenos Aires. New on TBN. I'm IN, so THANK YOU everybody! Such an emotional moment. I don't wanna cry...

t's okay to let it out Sharleena; in fact, it's recommended. Leaving it in can ruin your complexion... So go ahead and cry.
I have a box of undifferentiated tissues laying around here somewhere...

Oh go cry on somebody else's shoulder.

Frank Zappa

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