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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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Perceptive Poetry

::: When D. Humphries first saw the mirage, He ran, frightened, into his garage, He drove off in his truck, Through the fields and the muck, Anything to escape the barrage.

He thought he saw aliens land.
But no, was it really a band
That got out of the ship?
(And looked really hip)
His excitement was too much to stand!

There was one who had a half a goatee,
"My god!" he thought, "is that FZ?"
But to his fright It was refracted light
That asked, "Is it real, what you see?"
"Is what real, Master, what do you mean?"

Asked David as he turned quite green.
The mirage didn't say
It just faded away
Leaving Humphries alone in the scene.
So reality's what's in your mind.

What you perceive is just what you find.
But if you're like most,
You don't look too close,
It might be the illusory kind.

-Uncle Herman

Frank Zappa

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