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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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The Origins Of Fake The Boots

An account of musical divergence, leading to contextual convergence and the birth of Fake The Boots

Sharleena whips it out:
YM, have you heard this record: Inquisition Symphony, played by four cellos? (The group is APOCALYPTICA) Do you know it?

Never heard of them. Are they any good?

It's a group of four cellos only. And the guys make covers of heavy metal groups! I'm not particularly fanatic of heavy metal (I used to listen to Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin in my teens, but nothing more) much less of Metallica for instance but these guys achieve a strange effect, doing in cello this kinda music. It's weird cos actually you can recognize Metallica's Nothing Else Matters melody, but played on cellos it's very strange! Sounds like classical music but very strong!

Stop the press! I think I saw these guys on TV some time ago. They're a pretty hilarious stage act, headbanging away with a cello between their legs. What I heard sounded okay, a change from metallica's bombast... I bet they're swedish.
What else I like? Don't get me started! This is where I usually get to be a bit schizoid.
YM starts to indulge in a very large list of musical groups and singer/songwriters he fancies including Elliott Smith, David Bowie, Patti Smith and a couple of obscure belgian bands. It ends thusly:
... and a peculiar weakness for Sheryl Crow (debut album primarily, when she was still fresh and not trying to proove how success had turned her into a depressed zombie!)... and of course Abba's "Super Trooper"...

I'm afraid I'm more on the rock/blues side...
Still a decadent listener of Led Zeppelin (if only Bonham hadn't died...), rediscovering Pink Floyd (they got me depressed for several years, but not now), Janis Joplin, a brazilian musician called Caetano Veloso -you would love this one, he is fantastic-, Lynyrd Skynyrd (sorry), Green Day (just when I'm alone and nobody is seeing me :-), Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Pete Townshend... Lately I liked a record from Propellerheads (don't remember the name) but techno is definitely not my style.
Well, now you know: I'm an old decadent hippie...:-)
When I made this list i realized that I dedicated the last eleven years to listen to Zappa. And not feeling tired at all!

YM is duly impressed, and is quick to suggest:
I have pretty much all of FZ's official catalogue. That's because I'm anal and need to acquire every single recording from a band/artist I like. I've stumbled across some FZ-stuff that I really don't like (the early 80ies stuff), but then, I also came across some true gems (the 88 band, for one).
ps: please tell me you're not a fan of Jethro Tull?? ;o)

Of course, I forgot! =-)
Don't tell to the other guys or I'll be fired in a minute... Maybe it's what I deserve...:?)

The “other guys” are, of course, TBN’s resident members - they might like transverse flute such as it was applied by Jethro Tull, yet such outrageous likings remain to be objectified, scrutinized, pondered over. In return, YM accounts of his dreadful years in reaching pubescence in the abominable 80ies. He mentions Duran Duran, Sam Fox, Yazoo, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Glen Medeiros, Terrence Trent D’Arby, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, he is close to entering that locked up room inside his head with the slimey green door that reads: Highschool Prom... - S responds, just in time:

My sister is almost your age and a MichaelJackson/Abba's Chiquitita listener... I never could recover her for society...=-)

I've a bitchin NeverNeverLand boot up for trade (children's choir included), if she's interested. Lord knows I'd do anything for a vinyl copy of "Winner Takes It All" - the Rumanian "Ceaucescu Pavilion Boot" where Agneta for the last time pretends like she still loves Bjorn! A classic that one...

My sister would love that. I'm running to tell her!
Any Earth, Wind and Fire boots..?

Yup: the much coveted "Hey, I'm Maurice, Dig My Clothes And Thank Me Later" boot dating back to 1974 (The Fro Pavilion - much of the classic 70ies recordings were made in pavilions, did you notice?), including the Secret Hidden Track "Boogie Wonderland My Ass, I Mean Who Do I Think I'm Kidding What With My HairTransplant And All". Comes with a velvet underwear insert mind you!

I can't believe you have the "Boogie Wonderland My Ass, I Mean Who Do I Think I'm Kidding What With My HairTransplant And All" boot! The advantages of living in Europe..:-)

... and thus was born the Fake The Boots Project...

Frank Zappa

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