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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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TBN's HitParade

Throughout the summer of 2001, TBNs members voted on tracks that were to highlight Frank Zappa's various excursions into different genres. These genres spanned from FZ's blues tracks, to the doo-wop realm, to the classical endeavours, to favorite covers performed at live venues, to overall favorites. It also gave birth to a CD consisting of TBN-members whipping out their own musical output. Out of this came a set of compilations that were burnt to CD and sent off to TBNs members with NO commercial intention whatsoever.
To follow is the cover-art for all of these discs, as conjured up, photoshopped and delivered by our very own, highly esteemed Sharleena. Further credit is given to all those TBNites that bothered to vote, and last but not least, to SOFA, who compiled, burnt, and sent off the CD's. (Click to enlarge, by the way)

Jizz From Heck

TBN's alternative "Best Of" compilation. As good as any "Strictly Commercial"!

Frankie Plays The Blues

Features tracks from the early days onto the 48-track recordings. As long as Frankie woke up that morning...

We're Only In It For Their Money

Covers, covers covers. From Stravinski's "Royal March" to Devo's "Mongoloid", to Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire", to The Beatles "I Am The Walrus"!

Sing Fish

Doo-wop a gogo.
Deseri, The Closer You Are, Carol You Fool, Tears Begin To Fall...

Strictly Genitalia

TBN's classical picks.

Grumpy Ladle

A truly exquisite collection of tracks from those musically enclined TBNers.

Frank Zappa

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