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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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Hello Pigs...
Welcome to theBIGnote, a weblog devoted to the fans of one Frank Vincent Zappa. We've been around a coupla times and we like to share stuff with each other. Sometimes, we like to share our stuff with even more others (you). Sometimes, there is trouble...
Lots of different folks hang out at theBIGnote, from all lands and all walks of life. Our conceptual continuity, if you will, is Uncle Frank.
Herein these pages you will find Music, Art, Literature, Useless Knowledge and Handy Tips - all with a distinctly Frank aroma. Some of it is Humorous. Some of it is stupid. Some of it will stick to your complexion...

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Big Note Presents!

August/September Edition: "The Show Must Go On!"

Welcome to TBN's much anticipated August/September Edition, code-named "The Show Must Go On!". With chief editor SOFA experiencing rather busy times, this edition is brought to you by TBNers YellowMud and Sharleena. Here's to hoping we've managed to keep up with the high standards set by our esteemed Maroon One.

Additions have been made to Graphic Effect, Jottings, Lock The Shutters and obviously: the Musibrarium. We're not so good at writing witty intro's, so let's get straight to the nitty gritty, okay? Oh, and if this is your first visit, please take a sec to sign our Guestbook, let us know what you think -- unless you're that guy who keeps coming back there to promote phentermine or any penis enlargement device, in which case we sincerely hope that your shit may rise up and kiss you.

Always remember: Music is the BEST!

New at the Musibrarium:
Bald-Headed John's Vault: Magic Fingers dives deep into his archives to uncover some rare gems from August 1981 — carrying proto-versions of songs you wouldn't have associated with this era.

courtesy of BHJ's intrepid recording techniques, we're proud to offer this selection of tracks from Project/Object's 12/30/2000 concert (featuring Ike Willis) — in Baltimore no less, and handpicked by our very own Sharleena. These cats do an excellent job of keeping FZ's music alive, and we love them for it!

Member Contributions:
SOFA REDUX — brought to you by SOFA, & his partner Randy - known at better bars and rest areas across Michigan as R&J — plus a last minute entry which barely made it in time for this update - 2 TBNers who wish to remain anonymous whip it out... Take it or leave it!

Afresh at Graphic Effect:
The Pink Poodle Collection — a brand new themed FZ compilation focusing on a tracklist "for that special someone who is not (yet) a fan". As ever, this compilation is accompanied by some rather juicy artwork.

Neoteric at Lock The Shutters:
even more member pics! We're a truly handsome bunch, we are...

Leading Edge at Velvet Elvis:
YellowMud Shark, TBN's resident part-time doodler, recounts his pubescent years and throws in a two page comic strip while at it, aptly called: "Dick Trek Epic - The Search for Pussy".

Far-Out at Essays:
as far-out as far-out gets — an excerpt from writer (and TBNer!) David Walley's book "No Commercial Potential" wherein David focuses on the early Sixties LA scene and the emergence of Herb Cohen as a Frank Zappa sideman. Read this, then go out and buy the book if you hadn't already. It's a classic.

Absolutely In Vogue at Amusing Musings:
Absolutely nothing! How refreshing.

Positively Fourth Street at Jottings:
Weird Al's tribute to Uncle Frank, "Genius in France" features some rather Zappaesque lyrics. We thought it appropriate to post them here for posterity...

Frank Zappa