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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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Favorite Links

Here I was hoping against hope it would be relatively easy to present you with our Favo Zappa bookmarks... Some editing was soon called for, so we have now divided our Favo Section into these sub-categories:

General FZ-sites | AFFZ-contributors | Tributes | FZ Sidemen
Messageboards | Odds & Ends

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General FZ-sites
Can't ignore that one, now can we?
Kill Ugly Radio
The most fun, interactive FZ-tribute we've encountered.
BHJ's Live CD Trading Page
BHJ's page, featuring his collection of exclusive (live) stuff.
Marcelo's Frank Zappa Page
Cool spanish/english FZ-site featuring interviews, pictures, discography and rare MP3 sound-bytes.
Les Fils de L'Invention
The biggest french FZ-site, it comes cooties included!!
Planet Zappa
Extensive site with pictures, interviews, articles; wonderful lay-out.
DonLope FZ Lyrics
Quite simply the most complete FZ-lyrics site on the net.
The Big Frank Zappa Links Page
Lots o' Links and some hard to find MP3's.
Harry Pipco's Home Page
Nice site; pretty decent trivia quiz.
Conceptual Continuity - The First FZ Webring
Over 80 sites submitted by people who decided to devote their precious webspace to FZ.
Don't miss it.
The Chrome Dinette
John Healy's collection of prime FZ (real)audio. Excellent pages!
Rino's Zappa Page
Decent information on releases and venues, easily accessable and straightforward.

AFFZ Contributors
Friendly Little Finger
A truly awesome site. The links alone will keep you busy.
Splat's Zappa Pages
Incredible research. [FAQ has moved to United Mutations]
The Zappa Patio
Great info on FZ releases (esp. boots). Everything you might want to know, you can find here.
The Planet Of My Dreams
The ultimate page on all Zappa live-dates known to mankind.
St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage
Mother of unofficial FZ-pages. Loads of interesting stuff to get lost in.

The Official Website of Project/Object, New York's premier tribute to the musical legacy of Frank Zappa.
The Muffin Men
Frequently updated site from the MM-band, with soundbytes and tour info.
Bogus Pomp
10 piece ensemble based in Tampa Forida; another great FZ-tribute band.
The Nasal Retentive Orchestra
Quite an impressive french tribute band.
Children Of Invention
... and yet another fine tribute band coming from France, would you believe it.

FZ Side Men
Cal Schenkel
The man who lured us into buying our first FZ album. A classic cover artist.
Essra Mohawk
The original Uncle Meat from the Mother's live shows at the Garrick.
Don Preston
Crucial to early MOI. One of our favo FZ contributors.
Jimmy Carl Black
We'll refrain from any "indian of the group" jokes. One mother of a MOI!
On Ruth!
Remember those heavenly marimba breaks on Roxy?
George Duke
Keyboard wizardry. Funny little notes.
Steve Vai
Impossible guitar parts. Hairdo's. Cucumbers!
Ike Willis
When the lie's so big, you need to visit this page...
Mike Keneally
Guitars, vocals, keyboards, frank comments.

Hot Plate Heaven
Ask Frankie just about anything and get pedal-depressed, panchromatic Zappa-trivia gratification!
Strictly Critique
Yet another messageboard dedicated to FZ, free speech, and green things in general.
The Weasel Club
Dedicated to "Weasels Ripped My Flesh". Lots of info, and a messageboard to exchange opinions. If you like WRMF give this place a visit!

Odds & Ends
The Mudshark Dance Lesson Video Archive
Digital video segments by the late great composer.
Frank Zappa Concert Tales
concert tales from those fans who had the opportunity to see Frank Zappa in concert.
Natural Phenomena Named After Frank Zappa
From genes, to fish, to planets.

Frank Zappa

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