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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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Stinkfoot & Beer (sorry, no titties)

I had to run out and buy some cat food today before the ol' lady got home from work, not because that's what she feeds me, but because we just didn't have any and I promised her I'd buy some. I had left MAJNH in the car stereo from a few nights back. That CD starts out with Stinkfoot, and an FZ Monologue about Jimmy "I only got the tip wet" Swaggart. Frank quotes JS as saying he didn't share sexual relations with the young lady, though he did do something "pornographic" with her (for 20-odd years, but that's beside the point).
The point is, Swaggart was speaking in euphemism, which is what I always understood the song Stinkfoot to be about. You know, why say "love" when another 4-letter word (fuck) more accurately describes your feelings toward that particular member of the opposite camp? Or, why soft sell your stinky toe-jam as a recognized medical condition (dromodrosis) when what you really have is STINKFOOT? (rinse the fucking thing off, do you suppose?)
This song symbolizes a lot of what I feel is wrong with American Prudery and I wanted to ask this particularly elite group of Zappanatics what you all think about that. From the first time I heard that song, I picked out some pretty heavy social commentary, including the run on negative apostrophe usage in the English language... And I don't think it was coincidence that FZ used it that night to announce Swaggart's indictment (did I use the word correctly this time, Sofa? ;-)

I greatly admire your concern for proper word usage. Unfortunately, the word is Bromodrosis...

This is the first time I've seen the spelling "dromodrosis," and I have wondered for a long time what the correct spelling is. Is this an actual word? I have never had any success looking it up. I took a brief sojourn via search engine, and did an informal survey of the various spellings this mystery word has been given at various Zappa lyric sites. Here are my results:
bromidrosis = 2
bromodrosis = 2
brohm-a-drosis = 6 (!)
I had never seen that last spelling before, and it seems to be the most common, at least in my little, very unscientific, survey.
Along my journey, I came across (not sexually) Splat's Zappa Page, which I had not visited in a long time, and saw an amusing picture of Frank in the kitchen in a witch's outfit that I had not seen before.

Well... Sorry, it's actually "Bromidrosis". I wrote it off the top of my head before, but that's a precarious place from which to start any adventure... This time, I looked it up in the liner notes.
Anyway, I'm not so concerned about proper word usage. And spilling is unimportant. What about the IDEA, man? What do you think about the IDEA?

I have found the actual medical term for "stinkfoot". It is "bromhidrosis." (pronounced broam-hy-DRO-sis). It looks like the spelling that got the most votes, though it is incorrect, is the closest. OK, you guys, now get busy contacting all the Zappa lyric sites out there so they can get this word RIGHT!

But, don't you guys have the lyrics sheet with the Album? FZ spells it Bromidrosis, and that's good enough for me...


Hey Kids!
I received a FreeLink submission at my site, which unites a Cosmik Debris-midi with a Tittie Contest - the page is Italian, in case you're wondering.
Glad to be of service,

* I received a FreeLink submission at my site, which unites a Cosmik Debris-midi with a Tittie Contest.*
Where's the Beer???

Ever heard of an Italian beer worth mentioning?
I rest my case.
(Although I'm sure Sofa will be coming up with an obscure brand that will amaze everyone...)

Moretti Birra Rossa Dopplo Malto - a double-malt red worth trying if you can get it fresh.

Is that from Northern Italy? Around Tirolia?
Prost, Italien!

*Ever heard of an Italian beer worth mentioning?*
Italy has the lowest per capita beer consumption than anywhere in the world, but one section - Trieste, and its surrounding hinterlands - has had a strong brewing and beer-drinking tradition for better than a century, perhaps because the area belonged to the Hapsburg Empire and thus attracted Austrian brewers. Some fine Italian beers worth mentioning are: Moretti, Peroni, ...
Uhm, Moretti, Peroni...
Ah fuck it, he's right. There are no Italian beers worth mentioning…
Wait! Wopweiser! (I almost forgot).

Here's a beer trivia question for you. From what country did Budweiser originally come? A few hints: It was a country FZ loved very much, they're known for their beer consumption (look in the Guinness Book), you can still buy the original Bud and I live about 100Km from the border (and it ISN'T Germany).

At last! A topic I know something about!
Budweiser® originally comes from America (legal action has been taken to prove this very point). But that master marketer (and failed brewer) Adolphus Busch stole the name from a Czechoslovakian beer called Budweiser (originally, it was called Budweise, which is why I think AB was brash enough to think it "owned" the name), named after the town of Budvar, Czechoslovakia, where it was first brewed. Busch used another Czech town name - Michalovce - for Michelob.
Ya know, I Czeched the Guinness Book and all I came up with was ale - with a lot of stout competition; not a frickin pilsner to be found. Pilsner Urquell is the original and finest Pilsner beer made.
Yours in beer loving harmony,

Frank Zappa

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