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This whole monstruousity was originally conveived February through March 2001 by the members of The Big Note - a Frank Zappa YahooGroup. After an arduous gestation period, this site was birthed on April 11 2001. True to the essence of collaborative effort, these people are held responsible.

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Lumpy Gravy: Sweet!

Howdy Friends, Jack Bivouac here. If you have read this far thru the Lumpy Gravies, you are to be commended! Remember tho', what took you minutes, took my boy SOFA and the group 2 years to accomplish (sounds a lot like some of Frank's better compositions)!
By this time, the Lumpy Gravy proper was fully developed, and a standardized procedure for TBN membership was in place. It has served SOFA and the TBNers well to date. So for this entry, I'd like to share the Lumpy Gravies from two of TBN's stalwart and active members: Yellowmud Shark, and Phydeaux III.
Grab yourself a nice, frosty beverage (ya know, I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy a nice, frosty beverage), and a comfortable chair, and enjoy this next installment (Don't use the SOFA, tho'; he's a bit busy).

Attention TBNers, and all shits at sea!
We have Lumpy Gravy to consider. This comes to us from Jurgen:
*First of all, describe your depth of Zappa appreciation: Zijagh (Zappa is just a goddam hobby), or Ziawol (Zappa is a way of life)?*
Ok here goes... Depth of appreciation is - well, it's becoming more and more Ziawol (it used to be Zijagh); perhaps make it Zibawolmam? I kinda like the sound of that!
*Next: please state what your favorite FZ recording is, and why you feel it is the best music ever set to wax.*
Favo album: Tough one - I'm having a hard time deciding between Lumpy Gravy or Roxy & Elsewhere. Lumpy is compelling in its dada approach, with some wonderful melodies... but I'd have to go for Roxy in the end. For one thing, Roxy features the best MOI-band there ever was, in my humble opinion. Second, I don't think there is a bad track on the album - each composition is filled with a 1000 ideas and this just goes on from beginning to end.
As I mention on my site (Kill Ugly Radio), it brings together sex (Penguin In Bondage), nostalgia (Village In The Sun, Cheepnis), pure nonsense (Pygmy Twylyte) and politics (Son Of Orange County) all in one package and it does so by jumping from one musical theme to another within seconds - fusing melody with percussion in a way only FZ could master.
*And finally: chose an appropriate zappnick for yourself.*
For a Zappnick, I've been using Yellowshark.
So, there it is. Thank you very much for coming…hope you enjoyed the show... Goodnight Austin Texas wherever you are!

Well said; but that Zappnick is presently in use by another member. How about going with Yellowmud Shark? (Notice the clever distinction I've made here. It incorporates more of FZ's music and I can assure you that no one else will have it)
BTW, I thought you said you were more of a reader than a poster? If this is an indication of how you read, read on! It will be good to have you aboard,

Yellowmud [Shark] became the Zappnick of this new member. He's worked his way thru the ranks, and is now's webmaster.


Did I hear you say you want some more? Well, here's some more!

This next LG comes to us from Nick, who fancies the Zappnick Phydeaux III.
Hello all,
*First of all, describe your depth of Zappa appreciation: Zijagh (Zappa is just a goddam hobby), or Ziawol (Zappa is a way of life)?*
I was questioned as to my depth of Zappa Appreciation, and for a witty acronym. I would say I am a Z.I.M.F.H. (Or Zappa Is My Fucking Hero). Very witty huh!
*Next: please state what your favorite FZ recording is, and why you feel it is the best music ever set to wax.*
My Favorite FZ recording (At The Moment) is Absolutely Free! As for why, I would say that it is because of my poor upbringing, but that is not for me to say!
*And finally: chose an appropriate zappnick for yourself.*
As far as a nickname goes, has Phydeaux III been taken?!?

Congratulations Phydeaux III! Very agile answers, sir, very agile. I'm confident that your admission to TBN is right around the corner. Poodle is out of town 'til the end of July however, so it may take that long. But, if he can access his e-mail from the road, we may be able to get this going sooner. Please be patient; we're with you!


See there? We're startin' to add some serious giblets to the Lumpy Gravy. I knew that if my boy SOFA stuck to his cushions, and to his standardized LG initiation, that good things (or members) would come of it.
Now, that's not to say that every Lumpy Gravy TBN received was a shoe-in for membership. What good would a standardized initiation do, if the results were automatic? Read on to the next Gravy and you'll see what I mean…
Jack Bivouac.

Frank Zappa

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